About Us

Only the finest selected chocolates from Europe, Latin America and USA are being used for any recipe giving our products the delicious taste that last forever. Our confections are very broad in selections and have very sophisticated, unique and refreshing tastes. Our 51 confections are organized into 13 different groups for ease of ordering. Some more popular confections are offered in collections for immediate availability. Our other confections that are not included in the collections may be specially ordered in advance. These products can be briefly described in the following known chocolate and confectionery terms, namely:

  • Truffles
  • Gianduja
  • Caramel Candies
  • Caramel Sauces
  • Caramel Apples
  • Pates De Fruits (French Jellies)
  • Toffees
  • Fudges
  • Nut Brittles
  • Other Covered Chocolates
  • Chocolate Coated Fruits
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Chocolate Covered Coffee

From these basic recipes we use the finest chocolates and freshest ingredients. To give the unique taste and smoothness we blend the recipes well with fruits, spices, liqueurs, spirit concentrates, aromatic oils and extracts, etc., make them in small batches using artisan techniques. Most of our products are readily available thru the Assorted Product arrays. Party trays, party favours, wedding favours, corporate orders, etc. may be ordered in advance for at least 15 days.


We will interact with clients to meet their requirements. It is advisable to put the orders way ahead of your intended needs. You may arrange with us to send gifts to your friends or clients at specific occasions like birthdays, mother's day, Christmas, etc. that save time and headache for you. You will be notified by e-mail before celebration date that gift(s) will be sent to your friend(s). For corporate orders, you may select from the list of assorted products or request special orders that fit the image of your company. We would suggest to you to visit first our Customer Service page to know  what Landru Chocolates products and services are offered.

We will interact with you until the completion of your orders. Product marked thus *, contain alcohol. Products that do not contain nuts may contain traces of nut oils because of common equipment usage. All listed prices may change without further notice. We will continually develop products and we may change or add product lines without further notice.


To all of you, from all of us at Landru Chocolates - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Oscar Baile