Frequently Asked Questions

How to order?
To place an order click on Product, you will enter on the page showing products in the category listed at side menus. Click on the photo to open the page for product description. Just type the quantity and click on Buy Now or Add to Cart. Immediately you see you purchases on each page. Check out is easy. Just follow the leading instruction. You need to sign up in order to checkout properly. After that or next time you visit our website for purchases, just sign in for checkout. Currently we offer payments by Paypal, which can process credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover without PayPal account. Or if you have a PayPal account, you can make payments easily. You can also order or query by phone (510-258-9645) or by e-mail
How can I order by email or by telepone? 
To ensure your security, we ask that you do not enclose financial information in your email such as credit card or check information. We simply ask that you include in the body of your email your desired items and contact information such as your name, email addrress, mailing address, phone numbers. We will ask similar information ordering by telepone. Landru Chocolates will issue a PayPal Invoice to you showing itemized items and prices plus cost of Shipping and Handling (S&H). Ordering by email or by telepone of several different items in an order may results in lower cost of S&H when we can use USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes. . 
We will process your order when you pay the PayPal invoice using your credit card. 
How many flavors can I pick?
When ordering chocolates not package as collections like Lilac Collection (4 flavors) or Marion A Collection (6 flavors), we require that one flavor be chosen for every six (6) pieces. However you may choose the pieces or flavors from other collections, e.g. 6 pieces Cafe Latte and 6 pieces Salted Caramel. The price will be computed accordingly. You must call 510-258-9645 or e-mail for this type of order.

For reference:
Six (6) piece boxes = one (1) flavor.
Twelve (12) piece boxes = two (2) flavors.
Sixteen (16) piece boxes = three (3) flavors.
Twenty-Four (24) piece boxes = four (4) flavors.

You may order Marion A Collection or Pehuenche Collection for immediate availability. Please note the following: (1) There is no shipping of strawberries outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, and (2) Shipments can only be made in the continental United States.
What are the shipping methods?
Generally we recommend USPS as it is the most cost effective shipping for our customers. However if there is preferred shipping method such as FedEx or UPS, we have that option as well. In our website the shipping cost is calculated on USPS overnight or two-priority rate. If you choose to use other courier like UPS or FedEx you may call 510-258-9645 or e-mail us at
For warm weather areas or hot weather session, all orders will be levied for the cost of hot weather packaging boxes.

We cannot guarantee that the chocolate will arrive in perfect condition. Despite our best efforts to minimize the chances of the chocolates to be ruined during shipping, there may be some cases where extreme temperatures damage the product. We cannot offer any refunds or replacements in the event that damage occurs due to extreme temperature conditions
Why do I need the special packaging during Summer?
Chocolate is perishable. Shipping often exposes our chocolates not only to physical extremes but to temperature extremes as well. During summer, our chocolates may be exposed to high temperatures, which would cause the chocolates to melt, deform or even spoil. With an insulated package and an ice pack, the chocolates have a higher chance of arriving intact, just the way we shipped it.
When do you ship it?
To ensure that the chocolates arrive before the weekend, we try to ship between Mondays through Wednesday with Priority shipping. We can only ship on Thursday if the order is placed before 12 PM Pacific Standard Time AND overnight shipping is selected. Otherwise all other orders placed after this time will be shipped out the following Monday.
How long will the perishable chocolate last in transit?
It has been our experience that our chocolates and confections will not last longer than two (2) days in transit, by doing so we eliminate the chance of the chocolates to be in transit for more than this time. During these hot summer months, we recommend that you choose thermo packaging and an appropriate amount of ice packs. In extreme temperatures, chocolates may only last a little of 24 hours in transit.

We also recommend that since delivery companies often leave packages on the your front door step or porch, it would be best for someone to personally accept the package or for the chocolates to arrive at your workplace.
What is the turn around for my order?
As you may observe we offer broad selections. We have for the most times Marion A. Collection and Pehuenhe for immediate availability. All products that are in-stock will be sent for mailing or delivery within 24-hours. For products that are not in-stock, the turn-around will normally be 4 days before shipping. It may take longer depending on number of flavors, quantity, and complexity of packaging.

For custom confection orders, the turn arround starts when you approve the order for production. This time will be more certain as you define your requirements.
What is the return policy?
The package was prepared with appropriate packaging materials (and the optional thermal materials if applicable) that protect it from normal mailing handling conditions. The shipping address must be the place where somebody will receive it due to perishable and heat-sensitive nature of the package. The package must be received and must be signed by the buyer or by a person (recipient) authorized by him. Before signing the recipient must inspect the package and assure himself that it was received in good condition before signing. If any defect or damage was found the recipient must contact Landru Chocolates immediately no more than 24 hours after delivery. Take photos for evidence of damages or defects. No refund if any piece has been comsumed. The buyer must obtain from Landru Chocolates the written permission to return the damaged or defective package. If Landru Chocolates accepted the buyer complaint, the buyer will receive a full refund of his payment plus return mailing cost if applicable. No extra payment will be paid for the time that buyer spent to expedite the complaint. The refund will be credited to the credit card that was charged for the order. No refund if no person received and signed the delivery form after the courier has exhausted the maximum attempts to deliver. The buyer will be charged for any additional mailing cost for returning the package if any. No refund if the damage in the perishable contents is due to temperature extremes even for overnight delivery and even packed with thermal materials and ice packs.

How to order by Manual Email Method?

Use Manual Email Method if our e-commerce page is not working, your order needs special instructions or for whatever reasons. Manual Email Method is that you can order thru email address or You can call us (510-259-9645). Specify the names of products to order, your email address, billing address, telephone and shipping address. You can include special instructions like greeting messages, insert card, etc. DONOT SEND ANY CREDIT INFO. We will respond by sending you a paypal invoice (serving also as price quotation ) that includes  the price, details & terms of the order plus S&H cost. At this point you can email us if you need to modify or cancel the order. If you accept, pay the paypal invoice where you input your credit card information (you do not need paypal account) or elect to pay by paypal account if you have one. No fees for any amount. This method is best to order specially if your ordering different products or many units of the same products,  custom orders, favors, etc.  In this way we can package the order efficiently and accurately compute S&H cost. We can expedite your order to any shipping address (only within 48 contiguous states and Canada) different from your billing address regardless of ordering method. Feel free to contact me for any questions.